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Although her primary job is overseeing our vast real estate brokerage relationships companywide on a regional and national level, Christine also dedicates her time to conducting valuable sales training and sales management of our nationwide mortgage branches, more specifically our mortgage loan originators.

Christine has an extensive background in finance and sales management, specifically in the mortgage field that spans over 25 years. Christine has spent many years traveling throughout the US conducting viable sales seminars that range from business planning to networking excellence for both mortgage sales associates and the RE broker sector. Christine is a sought after speaker and teacher on public platforms for real estate and mortgage expertise.

Christine is not only an expert in speaking and teaching of our industry best practices but she has spent a better part of two decades in her career originating residential mortgages and managing those who originate mortgages to a great level of success. So her experience comes from a vast background in the very work she teaches mortgage professionals on the best ways to provide excellent mortgage services.

Christine is committed to providing our real estate partners and sales associates with knowledge on financing expertise that is cost effective, timely and that meets the consumers financial goals and individual circumstances. She also is dedicated to making the complex mortgage and real estate industry as painless as possible with her expertise and ability to break the process into easy steps through highly communicated advice for our RE Partners and sales associates.

Finally, Christine manages and teaches our sales associates the core of our sales philosophy through motivational training and insightful best practices. Annie Mac offers a unique and niche real estate partnership platform that compares to no other industry competitor. That platform is managed and represented by Christine for AnnieMac Home Mortgage to great success!

If you are a mortgage associate seeking a tool box that will swing doors open and send you down a path with great support and success and/or a RE Broker who is seeking assistance in the growth of their brokerage through production enhancing tools like education, technology and training, you should reach out to Christine today and ask her about our platform!

Christine welcomes your communication!


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